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As someone who writes fics with action sequences and the use of guns, I thought maybe it would be helpful to pass some things on. Even though I’ve done lots of research and talked with family members (I live in WI which is a big…

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Let’s establish one thing right now. Every story has a message. Every author has a bias. Every author has multiple biases. There’s no such thing as something that’s ‘Just A Story’. Anybody who says that clearly doesn’t understand the role that fiction plays in…

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Very informative and useful for writers considering self-publishing. Do give it a read before taking the plunge. 

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Nowadays, it’s not really necessary to include a prologue. If you feel like you’ve created one that adds something significant and interesting to your story, that’s great, but it’s not something you need to figure out in order to tell a good story.

Here are a few personal pet peeves I have…

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How did I miss that this was a sexual/gender diversity blog for writers?!

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Hi, I'm a wanna be sci-fi/fantasy novelist in college. Here I reblog quotes, talk about my writing, and talk about writing in general. Basically anything writing related with some unrelated quotes.

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